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Welcome to our website!

Last Updated: 24 February 2014

We trust you find this site interesting and informative, and welcome your comments or feedback. See below for the latest news from Poulton.

Skeleton Data
The Human Remains Team have finished and published the latest summary report on the human remains excavated from 1995 to 2013. Read the report.

Storm Damage
On the night of 12th February, exceptionally strong winds hit north-west Cheshire. The Poulton site was hit extremely badly with a lot of damage to our on-site facilities. If you can help in any way, we would appreciate it.

Satisfaction Survey
Every year we ask the people who attend our training courses to give us feedback. This year is no exception; nor is the fact that we achieve very high satisfaction ratings. Read more.

Interim Report
Mike Emery, our archaeological consultant and Kevin Cootes, our finds specialist, with help and support from external agencies, have completed an interim report on the first two of our pre-historic ring ditches. Read the report.

Field Courses 2014
The dates for the Field Courses in 2014 are confirmed as:

Easter: April 14th to May 16th.
Summer: June 23rd to August 29th.

The fees have increased slightly to:

£140 per week - if booking one week only.
£125 per week - if booking for two weeks.
£115 per week - if booking for three weeks.
£100 per week - if booking for four weeks or more.

For more information, see our 'flier'  or the Training Course page.

BABAO Conference 2013
Recently, two LJMU post-graduates presented a poster session at the annual conference of the British Association for Biological Anthropology and Osteoarchaeology (BABAO) about the difficulties in reliably ageing sub-adult humans with specific reference to those from Poulton. Read more.

Poulton in the News
A good article about recent activities at Poulton in the current Chester Chronicle. The print version has more and bigger pictures.

Poulton at Play
Most years, various members of the Poulton team get involved in Chester's 'Midsummer Watch'. This year, with generous thanks to Niall MacFadyen, it has been photographed for posterity

Poulton and LJMU
Following the announcement that Mike Emery, Alan Wilmshurst and Ray Carpenter are now Honorary Lecturers at Liverpool John Moores University, LJMU have published an article in their 'Think' magazine. Read it on the LJMU web-site.

Latest discoveries
It is very early days yet and everything needs further work and confirmation but we have recently discovered a number of post-holes at the Chapel site. Plotting them and how they relate to each other suggests there may be two circular features underlying the Chapel. The first, at the east end, is about 15m diameter (that's about the same size as the timber circle). The second, at the west end, is about 31m diameter. Work to clarify what these represent will continue in the new year.

External Investigations
We recently approved another investigation of our human skeleton collection in support of post-graduate research. See the investigation in action.

Recent Articles
Jean E. Jost, of the Department of English, Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois, USA has recently completed an article on the authorship of the medieval poem, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Read more.

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